English in Japan
Unfortunately, you won’t have many chances to make yourself understood in English in Japan. It is sometimes said that the English speaking ability of Japanese people is at the bottom level in Asian countries. Especially, middle and senior age people have serious problem. It sometimes happens to them that if they are spoken to by a foreigner in English, they suddenly freeze like a low-spec. computer. However, their English grammar knowledge is in quite high level in all generation after the tough educational system for the entrance examination to high school and university. Although they have well-understanding about the complicated grammar, they are not good at speaking and listening. We would like you highly recommend to remember those three points before you are going to speak to someone in Japan; slowly, clearly and friendly.

Some of you may imagine some typical Japanese dishes, such as sushi, tempura, miso soup, raw fish, etc when you hear the word “Japanese Dishes”. However, please remember that this is just a few examples of actual food in Japan. The proper word to describe Japanese meal may be “omnivorous”. When you go out to downtown area, you will of course find traditional Japanese restaurants but also you will see various kinds of restaurants all waiting for you; French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, etc. Maybe Japanese are greedy about their appetite. Japanese people cook and eat miscellaneous dishes from all over the world. By the way, Japan is now under the great boom of ramen (Chinese noodle in soup). Even ramen is originated in China, there are so many taste and style of local cities nationwide in Japan. How about trying one of the hundreds of Kyoto ramen for a piece of your travel story?

Very unique hairstyle, grave sword on his hip, glaring eyes knitting his brows without saying anything… Yes, this is what people think of Japanese samurai, though we can’t see any samurai in present-day. Well, most of you have known that but just incase, because sometimes people from overseas still ask where to see the real samurai…

Finally, we would like to have the most important thing for you to enjoy your days in Japan. Don’t stickle to your stereotype or the information/image that you get before your visit. Some who have made his own image of Japan might feel displeasure to see many modern high-rise buildings in Kyoto. Or some feel annoying when they see Japanese people do things in different ways from their own countries. However, that is Japan. Especially Kyoto is a city with a strong appeal that contains various aspect of every culture and period; the old tradition or custom, new ideas and value from the new age, the cultures form foreign countries, etc. Those factors make Kyoto glow their own appeal, but they are all together. Before your visit, it is not easy to understand the complicated mixture of the sense of advanced country and old quaint tradition. We hope you can find appeal of Kyoto during your stay with your own sensibility and seek your original Japan.


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